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Three unique venues located in downtown Saint Petersburg. They are suitable for both birthdays and small markets.
Otherside Loft - a space for rent in a former factory building with a skylight and a veranda. For events with a capacity of up to 35 guests
Lounge Room with brick vaults in the basement of the mansion of Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna. Space for rent with a capacity of up to 20 guests
Gallery - venue designed in the style of a contemporary art exhibition space, featuring columns and curtains. For events with a capacity of up to 35 guests
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What's it suitable for?
business meetings and presentations
If you're looking to host an off-site workshop, training, meeting, presentation, conference, or connect with your subscribers, we have lofts located in the heart of St. Petersburg, each with a separate entrance. Our spaces are equipped with set of furniture and media tools, such as tables, chairs, a projector, a clicker, and flip charts. We offer a cozy coffee break area with all the essentials, including tableware, a kettle, a coffee machine, and a refrigerator.
parties and celebrations
Thanks to its lighting, the venue is also suitable for informal gatherings, such as corporate parties, birthday celebrations, weddings, and other festivities. In a cocktail-style setup, the space can accommodate up to 40 guests, while for a sit-down banquet, it can cater to up to 20 guests. We have excellent sound insulation, allowing you to enjoy the party even after 22:00
concerts and performances
The venue is suitable for organizing intimate gatherings like small concerts, acoustic sessions, and other performances. You'll have access to high-quality sound equipment, a projector, and a huge screen, allowing you to create a beautiful and memorable performance. Conveniently located just five minutes away from Nevsky Prospekt metro station, it offers easy accessibility for your audience. Additionally, we provide the option to arrange a welcome drink for your guests.
pop-up shops and markets
If you produce goods and want to organize a pop-up shop in Saint Petersburg, we are ready to host your temporary showroom, one-day market, or sales exhibition. Our space offers spotlights with adjustable lighting, perfect for showcasing your products. We provide tables of various heights, ensuring cleanliness and comfort. There's a kitchen available for your staff, which can be discreetly hidden from visitors. Additionally, we offer sound setup to enhance the overall experience.

Our clients

Зал Лофт выбирает компания разработчик игр KEFIR для своих мероприятий
Компания teamlead в Лофт-пространстве Otherside
Сеть ресторанов MarketPlace работает на небольших свадьбах в лофт-залах Otherside
Интернет-газета «Бумага» выбирает лофт для деловых встреч и презентаций.
День рождения компании befree в Лофте
Компания Zarina арендует лофт-залы от Otherside
Корпоратив компании SELA в зале Лофт
Международный фестиваль танца Open Look отметил свой День рождения в Лофте.

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